The historic Roberta di Camerino brand is back today with a contemporary and captivating eyewear collection (optical and sun).


The skilful use of colour is the protagonist: evident but not disproportionate sticking, delicate facets, always combined with the classic and recognisable R logo, created by the sinuous movement of a belt. The designer's much-loved belt is also taken up by a revisited buckle-shaped plate.


It is the first brand to invent the red-green-blue tricolor stripe and it is here re-proposed as a detail on the temples, which is minimal but immediately recognizable.

A collection to be discovered in detail, both for the admirers of this brand that has made the history of Italian fashion in the world, and for the younger ones who approach for the first time this name that is still very current today. It embraces indeed a wide target of girls and women, with a use of color that takes its cue from the immense historical archive of the founding designer, which is still very modern today.


Roberta di Camerino began her business towards the end of the ‘50s by signing clothes and accessories with this logo.

Around the '60s the brand was already loved by all Hollywood stars and successful in the U.S.A. when it debuted in Italy.

Roberta di Camerino clothes and accessories are immediately recognizable: colorful, printed, comfortable. Even today the brand maintains its appeal which is faithful to its philosophy. The collections present the energy of skilfully combined colors and the charm of the casual trompe l'oeil, graphic textures and vibrant velvets remains unchanged.