A debut that represents a further step of the creative and stylistic course reinforcing the brand identity and its heritage thanks to models with a strong stylistic content, able to convey its versatile universe. 

 “We decided to focus on the eyewear world with a haute de gamme project able to understand the mood of the brand and transforming it in high quality product and design” commented Sara Cavazza Facchini, Creative Director of the Maison.


 Genny brand was founded in 1962 thanks to Arnaldo and Donatella Girombelli.

The collection gains more and more fame and success among the female audience. A date that marks a historic moment in the life of the brand is 1973, the year when a young Gianni Versace becomes Genny’s fashion designer. 

Many artistic talents alternate in the decades: Claude Montana, Keith Varty, Dolce e Gabbana, Rebecca Moses. 

 The company becomes a holding that accentuates its international character. With the disappearance of her husband Donatella Girombelli takes the lead of the brand, following her style evolution.

 From the 1960s the taste for fashion has changed continuously. However, Genny has managed to interpret it keeping its own headlines: marked femininity, sartorial precision and high quality of the product.

 Since 2011 the brand belongs to Swinger International group which is located in Verona. From June 2013 the entrepreneur and creative Sara Cavazza Facchini is the new art director of Genny.

 Press, fashion bloggers and customers have appreciated the new trend of Genny with remarkable enthusiasm. The brand represents the pride of Made in Italy achieving people all over the world thanks to stronger than ever aesthetics and personality. Genny fashion of the third millennium proposes elegant and sophisticated femininity of the ‘80s and ‘90s again, together with the charm of a discrete and never excentric luxury.